Get us involved early, I won’t cost you anything and will hopefully even save you money while demonstrating how we can help your business, and why we add value over the competition with our Appcelerator programme, which aims to help create, build and publish your ideas on all platforms, reducing costs and delivery times by using the best tools, technologies and approaches. If you become one of our premium partners we will share up to 50% of the development cost as well.

When thinking about your idea you will probably be thinking from a user interface perspective, with examples of how something should work at the level of clicking on links and filling in fields. This constrains the system and already specifies how something should be done, leading to software that does what you asked for but does not benefit from the knowledge of the people in the software development team and deliver what is needed to succeed. Your idea needs to define what the software is supposed to do, not how it does it.

We start by defining what the end goal you want to achieve is. This might include a summary of the problems you are facing now along with the value you expect to get out of a desired feature and when you need the solution to be ready, helping everyone understand what, when and the success criteria of the project.

From the goal a specification is built collaboratively rather than relying on any single person. This allows us to harness the knowledge of you and your business and our experience of current technologies. Creating a collective ownership of the specification allows everyone to become more engaged in the delivery process, builds a shared understanding of the domain.

This helps to create a solution that is cheaper, faster, easier to deliver and maintain. The specification, acceptance tests and the code are held within an Application Lifecycle management (ALM) system; this is an authoritative source of information on system functionality, which anyone can easily access. We use Visual Studio Online as our ALM solution, allowing you up to the minute access to the progress of the project wherever you may be.

Once development starts we can utilise our existing product or component store, help speed up feature delivery, reduce cost and improve stability, this includes version 5 our Portal CMS product which leverages the latest technologies, responsive design frameworks and hosted within Microsoft Azure Cloud PAAS. When development has completed will help publish your applications to the various stores, Azure and then continue our service by helping you manage growth and change

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