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In January 2016 we launched BIOFIT. Cross platform biometric, fitness and nutritional client management app for the fitness professional and their clients. BIOFIT cross platform application is the ideal solution for the individual fitness professional or gyms with multiple trainers, allowing client management from the initial pre exercise questionnaire to strengthening the relationship with a long term client.
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Our proof of concept mobile app for IOS, Android and all Windows platforms. Utilising In-App advertising, Xamarin, SilverLight and Windows RT frameworks to provide true native applications.

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Unwrap the Ads

In 2015 we are working with Unwrap the to launch a brand new advertising concept for small to large businesses.
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Using ES Portal this Site and blog focuses on health, fitness and nutrition LiVFit programmes and educational material aimed at the individual, groups and corporates. The LiVFit fitness class format will be established in the later part of 2015 using a combination of Pilates, body weight and active rest exercises.
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